Here is a review of the 2016 Kia Soul EV after first three months of driving and nearly 7,800 km (over 4,800 miles).

The maker of the video is pretty happy with the new car and recommends it as a solid car with great quality. One of the small drawbacks is the navigation system, but again the infotainment overall is considered great.

The real world range is 150-160 km (up to 100 miles) with best range in summer weather at 180-186 km (and 4% capacity still available) so around 200 km is the limit. In the winter, range drops to 130-140 km and in highway commuting maybe 120 km (75 miles) is to be expected.

The B mode for strong regenerative braking works great, so you almost don't need to touch the brakes.

And the heating is considered efficient.

Below you will find bonus video with defrosting - 20 minute time lapse:

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