2015 Chevy Volt

2015 Chevy Volt

"At the end of April, dealers held about 6,000 of the current model. To put that in perspective, it's more than twice the 2,779 Volts sold in the first four months of this year, a decline of 46% from a year earlier."

That's according to the Detroit Free Press.

With production of the first-generation Chevy Volt now done, these remaining ~6,000 Volts are the only new examples available to buy.  Inventory will dwindle over the coming months, so if you're looking for a new first-gen Volt, perhaps now is the time to buy.

There are some good deals out there too, like this one from Rydell Chevrolet and this more widespread $249 per month lease deal.

Editor's Note: InsideEVs also tracks inventory levels of the major plug-in offerings and attempts to put some perspective on the rationale (and outlook) behind that level at the end of every month.  Look for that report Tuesday, June 2nd.

Source: Detroit Free Press via Autoblog

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