Automann-TV takes a Tesla Model S P85D to 149 MPH on the Autobahn and includes a few other driving shots in the video above.  (speed run from the :20 mark)

Minus the few short comments from the driver and passenger, notice how quiet the Model S is as it reaches higher speeds?

The P85D is a perfect reminder that a loud car is not needed to go insanely fast.

Here is a bit more info via the video description:

"INSANEly Fast Autobahn acceleration test with the new Tesla Model S P85 D delivering a mind-blowing 700 hp and around 900 Nm of torque, at a standstill! Yes, the test was actually setting off from 5-10 km/h but nevertheless the acceleration in all scenarios is jut mind-blowing taking about 1 sec. from 0-50 km/h. To set the acceleration in perspective, the car weighs well over 2 tons, and we had 3 large adults on board. The power applied is actually dependent on how fast you hit the throttle and the problem is, that the g-forces (at least 2g) are so immense that you are pulled back while trying to mash the "gas" all the way through...never experienced something like this! As the car has only 1 gear its pretty obvious that the acceleration decreases once you are reaching higher speeds and the red numbers indicate that you are getting close to 250 km/h were the max rpms of the motors are reached."

Moved over a few lanes (safely) and dashed away INSANELY fast!!!

Moved over a few lanes (safely) and dashed away INSANELY fast!!!

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