One of the newest Tesla customer stories is on winter driving in a Tesla Model S.

The overall experience is so enjoyable that after reading the full story on Tesla's official blog, we think everyone out there would love to do winter road trip in a Tesla.

Here is the basic jist of the story:

The owner drives a 85D version, which has two motors for AWD and air suspension. The decision behind choosing the 85 kWh, AWD equipped with air suspension was dictated by ability to drive in the mountains for skiing.

The latest 187 km / 116 miles (one-way) trip to Lake Louise required "a bit of planning" - charging to full, pre-warming the car and driving in range mode plus a 10-minute stop for recharge at a Supercharger to add about 70 km /44 miles to feel safe on the range.

And here comes the advantages of the dream Tesla winter road trip:

  • electric car is quiet so passengers can carry on a normal conversation
  • the driver does not tire as much as driving conventional car (our general observation for EVs)
  • great AWD traction on icy roads in mountains
  • capability to remotely turn on warming up Model S on Tesla App and arrive to a heated seat after skiing
  • driving back home from skiing you uses less energy because ride downhill and to some degree regenerative braking
Bonus: Tesla Model X in the snow (for no particular reason other than, hey, it's a Model X in the snow)

Source: Tesla Motors

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