Powerwall Coupled With SolarCity PV Installation

Powerwall Coupled With SolarCity PV Installation

Bloomberg recently asked SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive to explain what are the benefits of having a Tesla battery at home.

SolarCity offers Tesla Powerwalls for back-up purposes in 10 kWh versions) and in this case Lyndon Rive said the benefits are no noise, wall mount, looks good and does not stink like internal combustion generator.

The amount of energy is small and probably won't provide enough energy for the night. On the other hand, for a generator you need to store reserve fuel in case of emergency.

Lyndon Rive mentions two more important things. First is that they expect that within 5 years almost every solar system will come with battery.

The second part is something that could disappoint many enthusiasts - off-grid (solar + battery) is bad policy according to Rive. In his opinion the right solution is to have solar, battery backup and still reserve connection to the grid, which would maybe use batteries for peak shaving.

Deliveries of Powerwall are scheduled to begin in October.

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