We have been pounding the table a long time (since April) that the 2016 model year Nissan LEAF will come with a much anticipated, longer range battery for this Fall, in order to better bridge the gap to the 2nd generation offering in 2017.

New 2016 Nissan LEAF Color Palette

New 2016 Nissan LEAF Color Palette

Then in May, we reported that the 2016 LEAF will come with a 30 kWh battery in the SV and SL trims (entry "S" level to remain the same at 24 kWh), giving the LEAF "an EPA rated range of about 105 to 110 miles", but also that the new LEAF would arrive in 3 new colors.

"Thankfully, Nissan's take on "Robin's Egg Blue" (Morningsky Blue) that seems to have plagued been a required color for almost all plug-ins in the past, has been deleted along with Cayenne Red.  In its place 3 new colors - Forged Bronze, Coulis Red and Deep Blue Pearl."

As further confirmation on Thursday of this week, Jean-Pierre White looks to have become the first to spot a new 2016 LEAF in the US, as he snapped what is clearly a "Forged Bronze" LEAF charging at Nissan's US HQ.

Here is what JP had to say on his Nissan LEAF blog - JPWhiteNissanLEAF:

"I spotted a LEAF today that I did a double take on. The paint looked brown rather than black in the morning sunlight. Then I realized it really was brown not black."

2016 LEAF Ordering Form Showing 30 kWh Battery Option and here)" draggable="false">

2016 LEAF Ordering Form Showing 30 kWh Battery Option and "Forged Bronze" New Color - Dealer Leaked (story here)

While adding some background on the find:

"The LEAF I saw was parked at Nissan HQ in Franklin TN and had Manufacturer tags on it. The Tires are not new looking so the car has been on the road for a while. There is little to distinguish this 2016 car from any other LEAF. The Michelin tires and Navigation console means it is probably an SL or SV trim. The interior was dark cloth, not leather.

So this is evidence the rumors are true regarding a  new LEAF model. We will have to wait until the official Nissan announcement(s) as to what we will get and at what price."

Obviously, spotting a 2016 Nissan LEAF in one of its new paint schemes doesn't confirm the 30 kWh battery or its forecasted 105-110 mile range, but we remain confident nonetheless.

Our congrats to Jean-Pierre and his eagle-eye!


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