Wait... whatWireless hub motors? Must be some kind of little wirelessness, like control circuits or some smartphone app, right?  No.

This is a hub motor system designed by the University of Tokyo, as a test bed for an idea that you can power a motor directly, with induction, ultimately through power supplied in the roadway.  Think electric trolly cars without the overhead wires.

Here's how it works, kind of:

High-power induction-supplied hub motor for EVs

High-power induction-supplied hub motor for EVs

The system is jumping a 10cm gap, at the moment, and induction, according to the laws of Physics, is an extremely lossy proposition.

This technology will pave the way for the development of advanced electric vehicles, including those that receive electricity wirelessly from transmitting coils that are embedded under road surfaces,” Hiroshi Fujimoto, an associate professor at the University of Tokyo specializing in electric vehicle control said.

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