Guatemala highlights its position on the EV map by announcing its intention to be an electric vehicle manufacturer.

A company called Luka Electronics hopes to launch an assembly line next year, in partnership with Chinese companies.

We shouldn't expect much from the investment of only $500,000, but it could be the beginning of a larger move for the small country.

"Luka Electronics has decided to invest about 500,000 U.S. dollars to establish an assembly plant in Masagua municipality, south of Guatemala City, to churn out vehicles ranging from sedans, pickup trucks to buses."

"Luka Electronics executives formed their idea to set up the assembling plant in Guatemala, after paying a visit to China where four workers can assemble an electric car in 45 minutes.

Considering the potential demand of the local market, they then became determined that such an initiative will pay off as local drivers spend less and the environment is hugely benefited."

Julio Sosa, Operation Manager of Luka Electronics said:

"For December 2016, we have two goals. The first is to have the thousandth vehicle assembled in Guatemala. The second is to have the first electric bus commuting on the streets of Guatemala. I'll go a little further: we expect to have high-speed electric vehicle during the first quarter of 2017."

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