New South Wales in Australia

New South Wales in Australia

For Tesla, good news comes from New South Wales (NSW) in Australia, where Model S is now the best selling all-electric model.

Out of 756 registered EVs (635 passenger cars), there is now 210 Teslas.

Not bad to have one third of the market and the quickest pace of growth. The bad news is that Australian market still is relatively small, and EVs are pricey due to the landed costs - which might also explain the Model S sedans greater success rate where desire to drive the car may outweigh the cost.

Here are more stats from NSW (sadly without plug-in hybrids):

Light Vehicles BEVs:

  • Passenger Vehicles - 635
  • Off-road Vehicles - 7
  • Motorcycles - 51
  • Scooters- 10
  • Light Trucks - 20
  • Light Plants - 20
Heavy Vehicles BEVs:
  • Heavy Trucks - 7
  • Prime Movers - 2
  • Heavy Plants - 4
Lastly, here's an outlook on what is going on in this part of the world, provided by Recharging NSW:

NSW Pure Electric Registrations (source: <a href=Recharging NSW)" draggable="false">

NSW Pure Electric Registrations (source: Recharging NSW)

Source: Recharging NSW via Electric Vehicle News

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