Model S Gears Up to Take Down the Germans

Model S Gears Up to Take Down the Germans

According to Autosaur's statistics, Tesla Model S was the highest rated vehicle in the U.S. in 2015, according to scores from expert reviewers.

Average review score for Tesla was 97/100, a lot more than average in the industry and significantly higher than even the second best Mazda 6 at 92/100.

Tesla's score is the average from four reviews - Edmunds (100), Car and Driver (100), CNET (100) and The Car Connection (88).

Since there are just several reviews counted for most models, we don't feel the average is significant enough to precisely reflect differences between models, but anyways a win is a win.

Top 10:

2015 Tesla Model S: 97/100 2015 Mazda 6: 92/100 2015 Mazda 3: 91/100 2015 Honda Fit: 90/100 2015 BMW i8: 90/100 2015 Ford F-150: 88/100 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee: 88/100 2015 Honda Odyssey: 88/100

2015 Toyota Avalon: 87/100

The idea of averaging scores among major reviewers is an interesting comparison tool, and makes Autosaur a place where you can check most of the reviews on one particular model. It will be worth checking out the site further in 2016, after future refinement:

"The reviews covered the 100 most popular cars, trucks, SUVS, vans and minivans in the US, but this will be expanded in 2016 to cover every single model on sale in the US market."

Worst score this year?  2015 Smart Fortwo 41/100. Ouch.

Source: Autosaur via The Tech Herald

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