Mitsubishi Concept XR PHEV II

Mitsubishi Concept XR PHEV II

It's believed that the spiritual successor to the Mitsubishi Evo will be a high-performance version of Mitsubishi's upcoming ASX.

The ASX, believed to be previewed by the Concept XR PHEV II (see images), is Mitsubishi upcoming 2016 plug-in crossover.

Word is that a version of the ASX, dubbed ASX Evo, will feature gobs of power, AWD, and a plug-in powertrain.

Mitsubishi will neither confirm nor deny the possibility of the ASX Evo, but several execs went on record discussing such a vehicle.

Mitsubishi’s UK boss Lance Bradley:

“Ultimately it all comes down to the financial case for it and whether the company has the resources to do it."

“But the company had a record sales year in 2014 and the more we have success the easier it is to do these things. It's a project that we know would benefit the company, but until now it has been a case of getting the building blocks in place step by step.”

Mitsubishi's global boss Tetsuro Aikawa:

“In the future, we would like to launch such a vehicle with Evo characteristics. In Japanese, when you pronounce ‘Oh’ , it means ‘king’. So we would like to launch this type of car, featuring EV and PHEV technology, which is the ultimate of its kind. ‘EV’ for electric vehicle, ‘O’ for king - Evo.”

 “It has to be light and fast - something performance-orientated. That’s what we want.”

“To develop these kind of vehicles, we have to sell a lot of the base models, so we can cover the research and development costs.”

Product boss Kanenori Okamoto:

Evo will be “replaced in spirit by an SUV with high performance”.

So, yeah, we're thinking the ASX Evo is coming.

Source: Autocar

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