Report: A Longer Range, Current Generation, 2016 Nissan LEAF On Sale This Fall

Report: A Longer Range, Current Generation, 2016 Nissan LEAF On Sale This Fall

It Appears Some

It Appears Some "Special" Colors From The 80th Nissan Anniversary In Japan Last Year Have Inspired New US Choices For 2016

With the market demanding a longer range LEAF to better compete against the likes of the next generation of Chevrolet Volt and other new EV offerings, the current generation of Nissan LEAF will be getting a larger 30 kWh battery for the higher trim levels of the car this Fall.

The move to increase the range of the car by the Nissan does not represent the capabilities of the next generation of LEAF - due out in Q2 2017, but does fit with what InsideEVs has been projecting to come along for the past 18 months or so on the current model.

(check out our post as to why we thought a longer range LEAF was coming this Fall here)

UPDATE (Sept 10th): 2016 Nissan LEAF CONFIRMED with 107 mile EPA range (full details, specs and pricing here)

The 2016 Nissan LEAF will also have some new color choices.

Thankfully, Nissan's take on "Robin's Egg Blue" (Morningsky Blue) that seems to have plagued been a required color for almost all plug-ins in the past, has been deleted along with Cayenne Red.  In its place 3 new colors - Forged Bronze, Coulis Red and Deep Blue Pearl.

2016 Nissan LEAF Colors

2016 Nissan LEAF Colors

As for the stated increase to 30 kWh for both the SV and SL trims (the S continues to come standard with the 24 kWh battery), there has been no official word from Nissan, but we have heard confirmation now from two independent dealers on the coming 2016 model year upgrade.

Nissan LEAF Battery Packs Expand Up To 30 kWh

Nissan LEAF Battery Packs Expand Up To 30 kWh

As for the new battery sizing's effect on range, we feel the 2016 LEAF (SV/SL) could have an EPA rated range of about 105 to 110 miles.  (170 to 180 km of real world driving)

This added 3-digit range will enable the 2016 LEAF to potentially take back control of the inexpensive, all-electric vehicle segment of the market; something it had almost total domination over until about a year ago.

Over the past 12 months, just over 20,000 all-electric cars with a starting MSRP under $45,000, and 93 miles (or less) of electric range, not named "LEAF" have sold in the US.   One has to assume those buyers (and therefore future buyers) would have had a much harder look at Nissan's EV with 100+ miles of range on tap.

The SV trim level also now comes standard with the CHAdeMO quick charge port.

No word yet on pricing for the 2016 trim levels, although it is expected to stay mostly unchanged, as is the appearance of the car overall.

The next generation, 2017 Nissan LEAF has been earlier reported by Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn as gaining at least double the range of the first edition, which now could mean anywhere from 168 miles to 200+ miles. (270 to 320 km of real world driving)

We  reached and spoke to Nissan's Brian Brockman, Senior Manager of Communications, for comment.

Not unexpectedly, and like other automakers, the company lives by a future non-disclosure mantra,  “We have made no public announcement about the 2016 Nissan LEAF.  We do not comment on future product details.”  

But if Nissan changes its mind, or more details/confirmations of options and pricing surface - we will let you know!

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