Recently we ran a story about the confusion behind plug-in vehicle terminology and how the two letters "EV" was the most universally accepted norm (although not the most articulate) when it came to referencing plug-in cars; whether they be pure electric cars (BEVs) or plug-in hybrids (PHEVs).

But when it comes to EV signage and logos - there is no norms.  Some are pretty straight forward, some are pretty confusing; but almost all are different.

Everybody In The EV Business Needs A Fancy Logo - Why Not Help Out The DoE For $5,000?

Everybody In The EV Business Needs A Fancy Logo - Why Not Help Out The DoE For $5,000?

To that end, the Department of Energy (via the Washington Post) wants a little help with the branding of it "EV Everywhere" program and adding another logo into the mix, such that they have started a competition.

To the winner?  $5,000

Although reading through the "things to keep in mind" part of the contest FAQs, it seems they have some fairly specific ideas on where they want you to go on the design when submitting an entry.

(a) The logo should translate the core elements of the EV Everywhere brand, including the benefits of PEVs, the viability of PEVs for the average driver, and EV Everywhere as the source for objective, data-driven, reliable information on PEVs. DOE's Alternative Fuels Data Center describes the basic technology of PEVs and PEVs' major benefits;

Yes, that is quite a comprehensive logo indeed, we would love to see what the visualization of that looks like!

But wait, this is a government agency after all, so why not add in a few more fun hurdles for submissions to jump over in order to spawn more specific colors and fonts!

(b) In addition, the logo can evoke through imagery ideas of: Electricity, the “fun” factor of PEVs, PEVs' cost savings, environmental sustainability, and energy security;

(c) The use of the words “EV Everywhere” is recommended, but not required;

(d) The use of the words “U.S. Department of Energy” is required;

(e) The logo should use the following colors alone or in combination:

a. As primary, dark blue (Pantone 7484; CMYK C45 M27 Y17 K51; RGB R94 G106 B113; HEX 5E6A71) and/or dark green (Pantone 356; CMYK C95 M8 Y93 K27; RGB R0 G121 B52; HEX 007934)

b. As highlights, light blue (Pantone 2995; CMYK C87 M1 Y0 K0; RGB R0 G169 B224; HEX 1F82BB), light green (Pantone 368; CMYK C63 M0 Y97 K0; RGB R105 G190 B40; HEX 69BE28), yellow (Pantone 116; CMYK C0 M12 Y100 K0; RGB R254 G203 B0; HEX FECB00), red (Pantone 158; CMYK C0 M64 Y95 K0; RGB R227 G114 B34; HEX E37222), and light gray (Pantone 428; CMYK C12 M6 Y5 K12; RGB R195 G200 B200; HEX C3C8C8);

(f) If the logo includes text, the text should be in Gotham font, or if not available, Calibri;

(g) The logo should be unique enough that it could be easily recognized by the general public in the future;

(h) Because it will be used on a vehicle magnetic logo the size of a small bumper sticker, the logo needs to be readable and/or understandable from the back of a moving vehicle.

(i) The logo should not focus solely on light-duty PEVs; and

(j) The logo should not conflict or be too similar to existing DOE/EERE logos (available on the EERE Communications Standards Web site) or use elements of the DOE or any other federal agency's logo.

When uploading your “EV Everywhere” Logo design, in the “Submission Text” field, please include a brief description

After digesting all that, and if you still interested in the prize, check out the other 11 "Competition Detail" points and contact information here.

Entries will be accepted until September 25th, winner announced on October 26th.

via Washington Post, Hat tip to Kim J!

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