Portable chargers for electric cars in Korea

Technology developer Power Cube released a portable device called EV-Line to make charging electric cars more convenient. In efforts to encourage private ownership of electric cars, Seoul city teamed up with telecom carrier KT and Power Cube to create 10-thousand power stations for electric cars by the end of the year. Tune in to find out about how this technology can make a difference.

Portable chargers?  That alone was enough to pique our interest.

Of course, we had to then check out the video to see what's meant by portable. Turns out, portable isn't the breakthrough here, but rather the ability send charging info via 3G or LTE networks.  This allows the EV owner to be charged for the electricity.  This means that essentially any and all outlets can be used by EVs and usage of electricity from those outlets will be paid for by the EV owner.  Brilliant idea, right?

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