AES Energy Storage

AES Energy Storage

LG Chem announced a multi-year agreement with AES Energy Storage on lithium-ion cell supplies for energy storage systems.

There are no exact numbers for MWhs in the transcation, but LG Chem notes that six years ago there was only 60 MW of ESS in operation or announced worldwide, compared to 1,400 MW today.

AES Energy Storage announced 384 MW in operation, construction, or late stage development, which makes them one of largest players.

"The agreement covers the supply of several of LG Chem’s battery modules that have been designed and configured for AES’ Advancion grid-scale energy storage solution. The agreement provides access to batteries to meet the needs of Advancion installations currently under construction and allows AES to purchase additional batteries to meet the growth for future Advancion system sales. For reference, 1 GWh of batteries is capable of powering 250 – 1,000 MW of energy storage installations, depending on the needs of the customer."

John Zahurancik, President of AES Energy Storage said:

“We are excited to provide utilities, developers, and businesses access to high quality batteries at the best prices as part of the complete Advancion grid storage solution. LG Chem is one of our most trusted battery partners and this agreement provides a new scale of activity to serve announced projects as well as installations under development by our utility partners.”

Ungbeom Lee, President of LG Chem’s Energy Storage Solutions business unit remarked:

“AES is one of the world’s most experienced and well-respected integrators of grid-scale energy storage systems, and we are proud to provide our lithium-ion batteries for their Advancion solution. Our agreement provides a roadmap for us to engage most effectively in the delivery of high performance, reliable and cost-effective energy storage systems around the world.”

LG Chem battery modules for AES range from 30 minutes to 4 hours of discharge duration, depending on configuration.

In mid-November, AES opened its first Advancion 4 (fourth generation ESS with LG Chem cells) at the Warrior Run facility in Cumberland, Maryland - 10 MW (unknown MWh).

"The Warrior Run Advancion Energy Storage Array is the largest grid-scale battery, and one of the largest green technology projects, in Maryland, providing 10 MW of interconnected energy storage, equivalent to 20 MW of flexible resource. Warrior Run will provide critical grid stability services in the form of frequency regulation service to the PJM Interconnection, which controls the power grid for more than 61 million people. "

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