The BMW i8 is arguably one of the best-looking plug-in electric cars on the planet, so why mess with its exterior design?   Apparently a Japanese take on the German car sounded like a good idea to someone.

As BMWBLOG reports:

"ENERGY MOTOR SPORT in Japan released a series of aftermarket parts for the BMW i8. The hybrid sportscar gets an EVO i8 bodykit which consists of a redesigned and more aggressive front bumper, front and rear over fenders, a rear wing for increased visuals and downforce, a rear flipper and new side mirror covers."

"To stand out even more in the still fairly limited crowd of i8 cars, the BMW i8 Cyber Edition comes with a new “paint job”. Using a wrap by P.G.D, this modified i8 features a silver chrome color, with a shinny patina which gives the hybrid sportscar an even more exotic look."

BMW i8 Cyber Edition With EVO Body Kit

BMW i8 Cyber Edition With EVO Body Kit

Leave the i8 alone. This should be considered a crime against automotive excellence.


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