Renault keeps its strong pace of electric car sales for another month this year. In March, the French company sold nearly twice the number of electric cars than in March 2014 - 95% up year-over-year (80% if we include Twizy, which didn't see any significant move up or down).

April, with 1,925 all-electric cars sold, was Renault's second best month ever. Most of those cars were ZOE (1,743).

YTD Renault sold nearly 4,800 ZOE and 5,650 total with Kangoo Z.E. and Fluence Z.E.

ZOE could reach 20,000 sales this year and this will be a relatively strongresult because Renault offers its flagship only in Europe. Last year, only 11,000 ZOE were sold.

Over 0.8% of Renault passenger cars and over 0.9% light commercial vehicles sold in the first four months of 2015 were electric

The not so good news is that ZOE still heavily depends on one country - France, which consumed 1,237 (nearly 71%) ZOE in April and 2,802 in four months (58%).

On the other side, Kangoo Z.E. is dragging sales down a little bit, falling from 342 in April 2014 to 182 last month. Fluence Z.E. accounted for just a few units (0 in April), while Twizy at 223 is at similar level to the 203 sold in April last year.

Renault BEV Sales Worldwide – April 2015

Renault BEV Sales Worldwide – April 2015

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