Pilot production of the SAAB 9-3 By NEVs

Pilot production of the SAAB 9-3 By NEVs

NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB), the company which for a few years has been trying to resurrect SAAB, is now bettting on New Energy Vehicles (all-electric or plug-in hybrids).

Key market for NEVS is China where they are building a manufacturing facility and gathering strategic partners (see news about 150,000 cars EVs for Panda New Energy).

According to an extensive post on the SaabBlog.net, SAAB, under NEVS, could launch five new EV models - including its first in 2017 and four more in 2018.

Five models by 2018 for a small company sounds bold and we would perhaps expect such a statement from GM or Volkswagen, but not NEVS. On the other hand, the  Chinese market is unfathomable.

The first model will be all-electric and based on the "heavily upgraded" SAAB 9-3. Pilot production run of this EV was already done some times ago, but NEVS then had to do step back and look for new investors.

The 2017 SAAB 9-3 BEV is to be offered in China and Sweden (cars will be produced in Trollhättan prior to final assembly in Tianjin, China).

Other potential models listed by NEVS are:

  • compact SUV
  • midsize SUV
  • midsize fastback
  • midsize crossover
Source: SaabBlog.net

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