The Bolloré Group and the State of Qatar announced the launch of electric mobility and clean energy production infrastructure joint-venture Bluecongo in Congo.

Initially, they will deliver a fleet of electric vehicles for the All-Africa Games’ (September 4–19) organizing committee.

50 Bluecar and Bluesummer plus 14 Bluebus will be provided to the official and sporting delegations

Beside EVs, Bolloré delivered 4 charging stations with a total of 80 charging points, powered from solar panels with energy storage backup.

"100% electric vehicles for the All-Africa Games’ organising committee

For this big event, Bluecongo will provide the official and sporting delegations with 50 electric cars and 14 electric buses to get around the competition’s different sites in Kintélé. Equipped with LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries, a unique technology designed by the Bolloré Group, these reliable and high-performance vehicles have an exceptional range (120 km for the bus, 250 km for the cars) which means they can be driven all day without recharging.

100% renewable energy, environmentally friendly vehicles

4 stations and 80 charging terminals have been installed to power the fleet of vehicles with clean electricity, supplied by solar panels. A solar panel array connected to containers filled with LMP batteries has been installed, which can produce and store solar energy and then release it when needed, day or night, to charge the vehicles."

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