Tesla Model S Wagon Render - Credit: <a href=Rain Prisk Designs" draggable="false">

Tesla Model S Wagon Render - Credit: Rain Prisk Designs

Rain Prisk Designs doesn't often render plug-in electric cars, but when this design studio does tackle an electric car, the resulting render is usually a stunner (check out this Shooting Brake BMW i8 from Rain Prisk Designs).

Here we see a Tesla Model S wagon rendered by Rain Prisk and we think the end result is remarkable. Yeah, perhaps the front is a bit too rounded for the more squared-off rear end, but it's still a head turner (judging by the 1,295 likes on this image on Rain Prisk Design's Facebook page, we'd say the consensus is that the render is a success).

Unfortunately, there's only this one lone image of the rendered Model S wagon. However, you can check out more of Rain Prisk Design's work both here and here.


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