Volkswagen Golf GTE with exhaust pipe in central point

Volkswagen Golf GTE with exhaust pipe in central point

To avoid flat sales, Volkswagen will go with flat batteries - or something like that.

The German brand wasn't originally familiar with flat battery packs, but times change, and now VW is developing large, flat battery packs to extend range and boost sales, according to Bloomberg.

VW brand chief Herbert Diess said in a joint interview with VW’s top labor union representative, Bernd Osterloh:

"We are developing a special vehicle architecture that foresees the installation of flat batteries. This will be a breakthrough for us.”

Volkswagen's non-flat batteries were used mainly because each all-electric or plug-in hybrid model was produced as an additional version of an existing gas-powered model (up!, Golf, Passat and so on). We believe that was the main factor (as well as lower costs) and that they will use flat batteries to achieve long range EVs.

If the new vehicle architecture is special, then there's a big chance that the whole car will be a special new model, not a modified version of a gas car.

Source: Bloomberg

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