Seen here is the latest progress of Tesla's Gigafactory. Go ahead and select the 2160p 4K quality option. 

These shots are captured with a very high quality aerial drone and this is believed to be the first ever gigafactory-related video captured in 4K.

We should point out that the Gigafactory seen in this video is what's referred to as the pilot plant.  It's only 1/4th the size of the full Gigafactory that will be realized at a later point in time.

On a side note, to us the video sends a very positive and powerful message.

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Below is the video description:

"The first 4k ultra-high-definition video of the Tesla Gigafactory. Located 15 minutes East of Reno, NV the Gigafactory is growing at a steady pace and helping fuel the strong economic recovery in Northern Nevada.

To ensure safety this video was recorded while no workers were present and from over one mile away with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone utilizing GPS. The drone was in constant visual contact as well as maintaining an altitude of not more than 400 feet above ground level.

Another video screenshot of Tesla Gigafactory progress.

Another video screenshot of Tesla Gigafactory progress.

Source: Reno Sparks Tahoe Homes

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