Nissan discusses the future of electric car at COP21 in Paris.

There is not much breakthrough news,  and we personally think Nissan shouldn't be calling the new 30 kWh LEAF a third generation model at this point.

Sure, there's 5 years of experience and 200,000 LEAFs sold, but third generation of LEAF doesn't speak to us (2nd was the 2013 version with integrated drivetrain with on-board charger moved to the front and apparently some tweaked battery chemistry). Yes, these are refreshes/updates, but not true new next generations; of which the true next generation is expected to appear in mid 2017 with ~200 miles of range (via a 60 kWh battery).

The other things that Nissan includes in its future are related to electric cars - are energy storage systems (second life EV battery use) with Eaton, vehicle to grid promotion with Enel, and autonomous driving developments and wireless charging.

"At the Paris climate talks, leading electric vehicle manufacturer Nissan, launches a series of initiatives  taking electric vehicles and mobility one step further. Announcements include a look at the fuel station of the future, new electric battery recycling initiatives and vehicle to grid charging. All this as Nissan itself celebrates five years since the launch of its best selling electric vehicle, the LEAF."

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