In kind of an interesting move last Thursday, the Portland Business Journal awarded Brammo (Power)'s Ken Kruger as CFO of the Year for 2015 in the Small Business category.  In an event described as "The best and the brightest in terms of Portland's financial minds congregated in downtown Portland on Thursday.", the Journal continued an eight-year tradition of honoring those that were not "... the types who wanted attention. They saw to it that their companies ran smoothly and stayed out of the limelight, content to give the limelight to others."

According to PBJ, the evening is " opportunity for co-workers and CEOs to heap attention on their trusted comrades. Business people, as it turns out, adore their money administrators, and the PBJ CFO of the Year awards are a stellar way to do just that."

Interesting, because over the last year, if you'll remember, Brammo found itself in fairly dire financial straits, and had it's motorcycle business subsequently bought out by its major investor, Polaris in January.  Other finalists in the category were DealerSpike's Ezequiel Arredondo (DealerSpike is a motorsports-focused Ad Agency), and Greg Love, of Columbia Green Technologies - a "green-roof" company. 

See photos of the evening here, and a little more coverage over here.

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