Tesla Model S inlet and plug in Europe

Tesla Model S inlet and plug in Europe

China has its own charging standards - presented above in the case of Denza EV (DC on the left and AC on the right).

Tesla Motors is using in China the same charging inlet like it does in Europe, which can directly handle European Type 2 AC charging and DC from Superchargers, or other standards through a special adapters (like CHAdeMO).

According to the latest news, Tesla intends to switch in China to local charging standards, although it's unclear whether we are talking GB/T DC (after its revision by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) or a completely new standard under development.

"Tesla will adopt China's future standard for charging electric vehicles, a company statement said, in an issue which has been a barrier to sales for the U.S. firm in the world's largest auto market.

Tesla's imported electric vehicles now use a plug based on the European standard, which is incompatible with the current Chinese standard, Tesla officials have said.

But Tesla has pledged to make its vehicles match China's charging standard, which is still under review, said the statement released on Monday."

If this happens, Tesla will provide conversion devices for already sold cars.

Zhu Xiaotong, Tesla's general manager for the China region, said:

"Solving the charging problem is the top priority in promoting pure-electric cars."

"Tesla will fully cooperate on the development of the national standards and construction of public charging infrastructure."

It now seems that Tesla will sell cars with three different inlets in each market - North America, Europe and China.

Source: AFP via Industry Week

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