Supercharger Network In North America

Supercharger Network In North America

The 500th Tesla Supercharger went online this week, according to Tesla Motors Club forum and confirmed by Tesla itself:

 502 Supercharger stations with 2,832 Superchargers

Some are saying that 500th unit is in Fountain Valley, CA.

Anyways, that's huge milestone achieved by still relatively new and small company in the automotive industry. Having independent, free and very compelling high power fast charging network gives Tesla a big advantage over competitors in the luxury EV segment in years to come.

Time for some stats.

  • There are over 160 Tesla Model S sedans per one charging station on average around the world, and over 28 per one spot (like this one on the right), assuming over 80,000 delivered cars
  • In North America, around 225 stations and over 49,000 delivered Model S translates to an average of some 218 cars per spot.
  • Infrastructure outside North America (around 190 in Europe and 85 in Asia Pacific) seems more available as over 31,000 Model S per 275 stations brings us to average of just 113. The truth is that density of the network is irregular and the number of spots per station also differ.
Here is an updated YouTube video on Supercharger network growth:

"this is a quick update from my previous animation video"

"we are now (august 2015) at 500 superchargers (225 in North America, 190 in Europe, and 85 in Asia Pacific) - THANK YOU Tesla!"

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