A Nissan LEAF Gets A Roadside Quick Charge In Japan

A Nissan LEAF Gets A Roadside Quick Charge In Japan

Nissan Motor Co. recently released financial results for FY2014 (the 12-month period ending March 31, 2015).

5,318,000 vehicles were sold under Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun brands. That translated into ¥11.38 trillion ($103.6 billion/€82.0 billion) of revenue. On average. under $19,500 per unit.

Net income stands at 485.0 billion yen ($4.2 billion/€3.7 billion), which is $790 per unit (or 4% of revenues).

Carlos Ghosn, president and chief executive officer said:

"These are solid results in a highly competitive market-place. We have been encouraged by demand for our new products. In the year ahead, we will remain focused on delivering continued revenue and profit growth, driven by our product and technology offensive, cost and sales discipline, and growing synergies from the Renault-Nissan Alliance. These actions will ensure we remain on the right path towards our mid-term strategic goals."

Electric car sales increased in FY14 by 27% to roughly 66,000, which is 1.24% of all vehicles sold under all three brands. It would be more if we will could exclude Infiniti, Datsun and Nissan trucks.

Total LEAF sales exceed 172,000.

On the right side of the slide, Nissan is indicating the US' supporting infrastructure of "No Charge To Charge" program (DC fast chargers at dealers are growing), while in Japan with strong government subsidies and together with other brands, the fast charging infrastructure will be leveraged from 2,300 to 6,000 (this Summer)!

Nissan Motor Co. intends to sell 5,550,000 vehicles - at 4.4% year-over-year growth rate it should be easy to increase EV share in the mix.

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