BYD e6

BYD e6

Further confirmation of BYD's move into South Korea to sell its electric cars there comes to us via Shanghai Daily.  The news outlet reports:

CHINESE new-energy vehicle maker BYD is planning to sell its electric vehicles (EVs) to the South Korea market before the end of 2015, according to a senior company executive.

Liu Xueliang, BYD’s general manager of the Asia-Pacific region, stated:

“It is not only a good chance for BYD to know more about the South Korean market, but also a great opportunity for South Korean customers, media and the government to know more about the development of EVs in China."

“Public transportation tools consume more energy than private cars, but electric bus will help reduce most of the harmful exhaust emissions.”

BYD's plan is to sell its electric buses in South Korea first.  It will follow that up with its e6 electric taxis.  It's unknown at this time if BYD intends to sell to the general public in South Korea.

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