Mercedes AMG GT S

Mercedes AMG GT S

Tesla Model S P85D, thanks to instant torque from its electric motors, is almost insurmountable in the drag races. least to a certain speed when acceleration falls off and conventional sport cars can catch up with the Tesla.

Here's an example of such a drag race recorded by DragTimes.  The Tesla Model S P85D (691 hp and 4,900 lbs) is racing against the Mercedes AMG GT S (503 hp and 3,756 lbs).

"After the launch, the Tesla's Insane mode positively murders the Mercedes, which almost looks like it's standing still. It takes about 10 or 11 seconds for the AMG to catch up the Tesla.

These two cars simply aren't comparable in any way because the Tesla's main strength is its capability to dig in and put over 600 horsepower to the road immediately. After a few seconds, that advantage is lost, because the electric motors don't have any gears between them and the road.

If you happen to own a Tesla, know that you should only race to about 80 mph, which is over the legal speed limited anyway."

Editor’s Note: High speed driving and/or rapid acceleration is strongly suggested to be conducted only on the race track.  Do not attempt high speed driving on public roads, unless permitted and control by the proper authorities.

Source: autoevolution

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