Hawaii go-ers who are considering purchasing or already own an EV may want to check out this crafty little tool.

Similar to Arizona & Utah's EV tool(s), this one from Hawaiian Electric allows you to calculate how much you can save just by owning an EV.

Let's not forget, savings is only one of the positive factors to EV ownership.

There is a disclaimer on the website, we figured it would be a good idea to add that in here as well:

"The EV Bill Savings Estimator (the "Estimator") provides a comparison of the EV TOU Rates to standard residential rates and illustrates the potential costs and savings associated with charging plug-in electric vehicles based on manufacturer's specifications. The Estimator is intended for illustrative purposes only, and by providing the Estimator for public use, the Hawaiian Electric Companies make no representations or warranties as to its accuracy or that individuals will in fact achieve the estimated cost savings. Your actual electricity costs will vary based on several individual factors, including, but not limited to, your actual household TOU load profile data. The Estimator assumes the average customer without an electric vehicle consumes approximately 45 percent during the off-peak period, 15 percent during the mid-peak period, and 40 percent during the priority-peak period. These assumptions are based on the 2008 class load study."

Click here to be directed to the calculator tool, & additional info. (You will need Microsoft Excel for this program.)

Here's a sample below of a Nissan LEAF being driven 12,000 miles per year on standard (non-TOU) residential rates:

LEAF Sample

LEAF Sample

Source: Maui Now

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