Tesla Gigafactory Scale Model

Tesla Gigafactory Scale Model

Tesla's VP of Regulatory Affairs, Jim Che,n was recently interviewed by Lon Seidman at Lon Reviews Tech.

The topic was new energy storage products for home and industrial use.

Sidetopics were Tesla Gigafactory, Tesla Model III and general company innovations.

For Tesla, energy storage systems are a welcome diversification, which could be very valuable if Model III is delayed. With a high backlog of orders for ESS, Tesla could just produce more Powerwalls and Powerpacks in the Gigafactory.

"Tesla Motors' new product isn't a new car, but rather a battery pack for the home called the Powerwall. In this video I talk to Tesla's VP of Regulatory Affairs Jim Chen on the new product as well other developments in the works.

The Powerwall can store up power from a solar array or even from the grid when rates are lowest, and dispense that power at another time. Some applications include charging a car, or even powering a home after the sun goes down completely off the grid.

The new system includes both commercial and residential applications. Multiple units can be purchased and linked together depending on individual power demands. Large scale systems are also in the works to help utilities store excess power.

We also talk about the Tesla Gigafactory currently under construction, the new Model 3, and more."

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