2015 VW e-Golf

2015 VW e-Golf

Norway plug-in electric car sales again reached 20% last month with 1,975 passenger all-electric cars and 584 plug-in hybrids for a total of 2,559.

Data includes 282 used imported zero-emission passenger cars and 35 new vans.

In other words,almost 3,000 new/used plug-ins added to already over 50,000.

We don't have confirmation yet, but probably more than half of all passenger BEVs were Volkswagen e-Golf and e-up! (expected over 1,100 - usually about 60-70% of total for those models).

Tesla Model S would be second then - 230 in April and 1,762 YTD (3.7% overall market share).

Then we see Nissan LEAF at 167 and 1,249 YTD (2.6% overall market share).

Renault ZOE, with 154 last month and 515 YTD, managed to exceed BMW i3, which had 102 and 438 respectively.

But let's turn our attention back for a while to the Nissan LEAF, which seems to weaken almost every month, scoring in April its worst result since December 2012.

The Japanese flagship monopolized the market in the early days taking market share from Mitsubishi i-MiEV, but then since new models entered Norway (Tesla Model S, BMW i3, Reanult ZOE, Volkswagen e-up! & e-Golf, etc.) is losing ground. Now, only 8% of new passenger BEVs are Nissan LEAF and e-Golf is finding almost 3-times more customers.

Nissan LEAF registrations in Norway – April 2015

Nissan LEAF registrations in Norway – April 2015

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