And they say self-driving cars are coming soon...

If the BMW i3's unreliable self-parking system provides us with any indication of what to expect in autonomous-driving cars, then we're in for a scary ride.

In this video, the BMW i3's parallel parking feature is put to the test (starting at the 17-minute mark in the video).  The system fails twice in a row.

Here's the video description:

Will's on a quest to to find a new car, and is considering an all-electric vehicle. This week, he test drives the BMW i3, a unique hatchback that can run for 80 miles on a full charge. We take the i3 on the freeway, on San Francisco's steepest hill, and test its self-parking feature.

To us, if the "assist" features don't work 100% of the time, then they are not a feature, but rather a waste of technology and money.

And in case you were wondering, this is not the first time we've come across i3 self-parking failures.  There's been numerous reports of failures related to this "feature."

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