BYD electric buses were highly praised in Thailand

BYD electric buses were highly praised in Thailand

BYD is trying to expand electric vehicle sales across the world with mixed results. The latest market is Thailand where e6 all-electric cars and K9 electric buses will be sold together with Loxley, a company operating in Thailand for more than 76 years.

The inaugural event seems bold.  So too does BYD's plans. In Bangkok alone 5 service centers with charging stations will be established initially, indicating that BYD/Loxley expect high sales.

Loxley targets public transport companies, government and private organizations.

"Loxley Plc. has gone into partnership with global green tech leader BYD Co. Ltd. to launch the first Electrified Transportation scheme in Thailand, comprising zero-emission pure electric buses and passenger cars. Two BYD fully-electric models will be launched simultaneously: the K9 bus and the e6 crossover. Loxley is confident of the BYD brand name, which is highly acclaimed in the electric vehicle circle and distinguished by its state-of-the-art battery technology. As potential customers, Loxley Plc. is focusing on public transport companies, government and private organizations.

The company took quite some time analyzing the market for electrified transportation in Thailand before it finally made a move to introduce it in the country. They fully rely in the quality, performance and safety of BYD’s electric vehicles. Additionally to the zero emission factor, they expect to make a contribution to decrease the import of fossil fuel from foreign countries. Another distinguished feature of electric vehicles is the lower maintenance cost as compared to regular fossil fuel vehicles. In addition to being fully recyclable, after 10,000 charge cycles the BYD Iron-Phosphate battery used in the vehicles still retains 70% of its capacity and can be repurposed for diverse energy storage needs.

Maintenance will initially be carried out in 5 service centers in Bangkok and surroundings, that the Company will define along with its partners. Additional service centers will be established at a later stage. Charging stations will be built near the areas where the service centers are located. There is also a plan to expand central charging stations in Bangkok and vicinity according to users’ demand.

The Company believes that the current EV government policy will boost sales and achieve steady growth in the first few years. Electric buses are expected to be particularly well accepted, increasing sales prospects of other models.

Liu Xueliang, general manager of BYD’s Asia pacific auto group stated, “BYD is the leader in battery and electrical vehicle technology. The Company currently exports its electric vehicles all over the world, chiefly the European Union, the U.S.A., Australia, Brazil, and Singapore . BYD’s latest achievement was the delivery of 5 electric buses to Japan’s Kyotokyukou Bus Incorporated¬ in February 2015. BYD is very pleased to count on Loxley’s expertise in the Thai market in this cooperation to bring electrified transportation to the people of Thailand. This is not only about the cooperation between BYD and Loxley, it is also about bringing electrified public transportation to Thailand.” Along with the vehicles, BYD is ready to provide the whole charging infrastructure and technical support for the success of EV in the country."

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