Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai

Toyota announced details on Mirai rollout in California.

Order requests for the hydrogen fuel cell cars will be accepted by visiting the Toyota website this summer.

Through 2017, Toyota intends to sell just 3,000 Mirai in the US, from which just a few hundred will be sold this first year as global production will be tiny (limited to 3,000 a year by 2018).

Eight California Toyota dealers were selected to sell Mirai from October 2015 "based on advanced technology vehicle sales experience and proximity to hydrogen infrastructure".

"But why wait until October? Beginning this summer, California customers can request a Mirai, by visiting Production of the Mirai is limited and vehicles will be placed with select, eligible customers. Therefore, drivers are encouraged to make their requests early to save a potential parking spot in transportation history. Customers can visit today to sign up for more information and notification of exact order request launch timing in the coming months. All Mirais will be sold and delivered through the authorized Mirai dealer of the customer's choice."

Northern California:

  • San Francisco Toyota
  • Roseville Toyota
  • Stevens Creek Toyota
  • Toyota of Sunnyvale.
Southern California:
  • Longo Toyota
  • Toyota Santa Monica
  • Toyota of Orange
  • Tustin Toyota

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