Chargers On Display At Beijing Auto China 2014

Chargers On Display At Beijing Auto China 2014

Research and Markets has announced the release of its "China Electric Vehicle Charging Station and Charging Pile Report 2015-2016."

The report contains some information on China's current public charging infrastructure, as well as some forward-looking predictions.

Here is the breakdown:

  • In 2010-2014, the number of Chinese charging stations jumped from 76 to 723 at the CAGR of 75.6%
  • Over the same timeframe, the number of charging piles ascended from 1,122 to 28,000 with the CAGR of 123.5%.
  • As of the end of 2014, State Grid had built 24,000 electric vehicle charging piles, 650 charging and swap stations, a smart charging and swap network of demonstration project in Zhejiang province and Suzhou-Shanghai-Hangzhou Intercity Project
  • China Southern Power Grid had completed 3,528 charging piles, 118 charging and swap stations and focused on the construction of smart charging and swap network in the Pearl River Delta.
  • In addition, Sinopec, CNPC and CNOOC also set up a small number of refueling and charging experiment stations by dint of the existing gas stations.
*Note: We assume, but are just guessing, that the quoted figures above for "charging stations" refer to rapid chargers, whereas a charging "pile" is described as follows:

While traditional power household appliances can be taken directly to a standard electrical plug, but electric vehicle charging is related to personal safety and protection, network communications, and many other issues, so if you want to meet the requirements of this part of consumers, the power companies and electric vehicles operating agency must provide AC charging piles to meet the national or/and enterprise standards. At present, in addition to national standards, the National Grid and Southern Power Grid have also introduced the corresponding technical specifications and standards for AC charging piles of electric vehicles.

For the convenient of electric vehicle users, slow charge piles can be constructed in the district, parking lots, shopping malls, and even in the roadside. Users can charge their electric vehicles using lots of slow charging piles during the day and the night. This method is less cost, but more effectiveness for our society.

The compound annual growth rates (CAGR) for both charging stations and charging piles are expected to increase over the coming years.  From these figures it's clear that China will have a few thousand charging stations installed within a couple of years.  Meanwhile, the number of charging piles will soar to over 100,000 well before the end of the decade.

The 98 page report (sub req'd) can be found here: China Electric Vehicle Charging Station and Charging Pile Report 2015-2016

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