LEAF #75,000 Sold In U.S.

LEAF #75,000 Sold In U.S.

A resident of Portland, Oregon is now the owner of the 75,000th Nissan LEAF sold in the U.S.

The resident, Rishabh Mehandru, is actually a returning LEAF owner.  He leased his first LEAF two years ago.

Mehandru, senior engineer at Intel, stated:

"I'm a runner, and when I ran outside I found that I was inhaling a lot of exhaust from the gas-powered cars that passed me on the roads. I instantly became aware of the amount of fuel I was burning, and that's when I first decided that I wanted to get an electric car."

"When the lease was up on my first Nissan LEAF, I knew that I didn't want any other car. I had to have another Nissan LEAF. I love how quickly I can get up to speed on the highway—even my three-year-old son notices how zippy it is—and I like that I don't have to stop for gas."

For Nissan, selling 75,000 LEAFs in the U.S. comes less than 4.5 years after the LEAFs U.S. introduction in December 2010.

Brendan Jones, director, Nissan Electric Vehicle Sales and Infrastructure, commented:

"Rishabh's enthusiasm for his LEAF is a perfect example of what we call the cul-de-sac effect. With more and more Nissan LEAF owners on the road, we see shoppers coming in already educated on LEAF's benefits because they got to drive one that belongs to a friend or neighbor. It's that kind of word-of-mouth that really drives Nissan LEAF sales."

Clint Edwards, sales manager at Carr Nissan in Beaverton, Oregon, sold Mehandru his black 2015 Nissan LEAF SV. Edwards explains:

"We see a fairly even mix of new and returning customers, and it's equally exciting to work with both groups. With new customers, I get to give them the show and educate them on all the benefits that LEAF has to offer. When we get returning LEAF customers, I get to show them the exciting features that have been added since they purchased their first electric car."

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