Volkswagen Golf GTE - battery pack

Volkswagen Golf GTE - battery pack

Volkswagen Group's Electrified Vehicle Offerings

Volkswagen Group's Electrified Vehicle Offerings

By this July, Volkswagen intends to make an important decision regarding its future battery technology.

VW, a 5% stakeholder in QuantumScape, says that it'll evaluate the battery maker's progress before determining how to proceed.  Quoting Bloomberg:

The technology’s potential to boost the range of battery-powered vehicles is compelling and tests are progressing, VW Chief Executive Officer Martin Winterkorn said outside a press conference in Stuttgart, Germany, on Tuesday.

“I was there last year,” Winterkorn said. “Progress has been made,” and the company will be able to determine how to proceed by July.

QuantumScape's focus is on solid-state battery technology.  If Volkswagen is convinced that QuantumScape can deliver on its promises, then it's likely the automaker will increase it share of ownership in the company.

Volkswagen is hoping to use QuantumScape batteries in future VW, Aud and Porsche models.

Per Bloomberg:

"Winterkorn said in November that he sees “great potential” in the new power-storage technology, which may expand an electric vehicle’s driving distance between recharges to as much as 700 kilometers (430 miles). That’s more than three times the range of the battery-powered version of the VW Golf."

Source: Bloomberg

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