AutoExpert in Australia has some strong feelings about the Holden/Chevrolet Volt, and they aren't afraid to air it all out in one big, hot mess.

Holden Volt Going For A Spin In Australia

Holden Volt Going For A Spin In Australia

The jumping off point for "Auto Expert" John Cadogan?

The Volt recall from March that fixed a problem where the gas engine could turn on in an enclosed space if the car was left on and unattended for a prolonged period.

Truth is, recalls happen a lot, and while this issue could have had some serious repercussions if a particular chain of events occurred in set sequence to cause carbon monoxide poisoning before it was caught, it did not.  All 64,000-odd 2011-2013 US Volt owners have managed to survive unharmed.

And for this fellow to go off in Australia months later, where just around 160 2012/2013 Holden Volts were sold (and no future model is coming), it seems like he was just looking for any excuse to have a little rant against "green" vehicles and General Motors down under.

And despite Mr. Cadogan's suggestion that used Holden Volt owners everywhere in Australia are in grave risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning because they are unaware of the recall, we think GM is more than able to track down all 160-odd cars just the same.

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