Tesla Model S CPO Program.

Tesla Model S CPO Program.

This interesting website supposedly makes it easier to search for a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Tesla Model S.

The actual Tesla Motors' CPO tab just recently launched and immediately created quite a positive stir for less expensive CPO Model S EVs.

But this website take the CPO Model S search a step further by allowing you to select various parameters so that you can find the Model S that's perfect for you.

Take a look below to see the CPO Configurator site (it's crude, but it works):

Upon clicking

Upon clicking "Opts", it shows a list of options this specific Model S has.

Upon clicking

Upon clicking "Link", it directs you to the Model S listing on Tesla Motors' website.

Tesla's CPO tab already allows you to select which major area, battery pack, and color option(s) you are seeking. In addition, the pricing is set so that at the top you'll see the lowest priced Model S.  Once you click on a Model S in the list, it directs you to longer description of the specific vehicle;e.

So, the original CPO tab from Tesla does the job, but this new site gives one more option for those seeking a CPO Model S.

Has anyone purchased a CPO Model S?  If so, let us know about it in Comments below.

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