HOV Access a Perk For Plug-In Hybrid And BEV Buyers In California

HOV Access a Perk For Plug-In Hybrid And BEV Buyers In California

Courtesy of Hybrid Cars, we present plug-in electric car registration figures for California in 2014.

The data reveals all sorts of interesting intel, including this, via Hybrid Cars' Jeff Cobb:

"If California were its own country it would be the second-largest consumer of PEVs in 2014, second only to the country that it is largely helping to prop up."

Here are the sales numbers for California in 2014:

  • 29,935 plug-in hybrids
  • 29,536 battery electric cars
  • 59,471 total
That total would put California behind only the U.S. in terms of 2014 plug-in electric car registrations.  California managed to squeak ahead of China (53,082 plug-in electric cars registered in 2014) and blow by Japan (30,390).

Here's some additional info from the source article:

"Since reports in August 2014 of California contributing 40 percent of the volume of all PEVs bought in the U.S. since 2010, the state increased to 45.1 percent by year’s end with 129,470 total units out of 286,842 PEVs sold in America since 2010."

California is cruising, but Tesla is not seeing this growth in its home state:

"Looking just at Tesla’s home turf and arguable bastion, it also did better in 2013 with 8,347 registrations in 2013 versus 6,110 in 2014 – a 26.8 percent decline."

Finally, in terms of plug-in electric car market share, California was at 3.6 percent in 2014, well above the U.S.' 0.76 percent.

Source: Hybrid Cars

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