2015 Nissan LEAF

2015 Nissan LEAF

Nissan and Japan-based trading company, Kanematsu Corporation, announced that together with Japan's largest public R&D management organization New Energy Industrial Technology and Development Organization (NEDO), will work on a new EV project in Northern California.

The project is focused on longer-distance driving, which means DC CHAdeMO fast chargers. An undisclosed number of chargers will be installed along inter-city freeways.

"The NEDO project will seek to encourage the use of electric vehicles for longer-distance, inter-city driving by installing and maintaining multiple rapid chargers along specific inter-city routes. Nissan and Kanematsu will collect, analyze, and research data on EV driving patterns in California, and create a suitable model to help promote more extensive use of electric vehicles in the state and beyond.

Project Overview With the help of the California state government, Nissan and Kanematsu plan to place additional quick chargers at suitable locations along inter-city freeways in Northern California, and use project-specific information services to guide EV users to the most efficient quick chargers along the route. They will then assess whether the combined hardware/software model can successfully encourage users to drive longer distances in their EVs.

Nissan's role in the project will be to install and operate the quick chargers, and analyze any changes in EV usage as a result.

Kanematsu will provide real-time information services to EV users. Kanematsu will also investigate potential business applications for real-time data and Big Data relating to EVs and EV charging systems."

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