Brusa ICS - Inductive Charging System ICS115

Brusa ICS - Inductive Charging System ICS115

BRUSA Elektronik recently introduced an Inductive Charging System rated at 3.7 kW.

BRUSA offers wireless charging only to car manufacturers, expecting that some of them will integrate it in EVs:

"The ICS currently features a pre-series maturity level. If you are interested in our inductive charging system, we would be pleased to bring the product to a production maturity level with your support."

The ground pad module is 600 x 800 x 60 mm and can send power from 100-160 mm (There is a possibility to order a modified version 160-210 mm). At 130 mm ground clearance & central alignment, efficiency exceeds 90%.

Separately, WiTricity announced an intellectual property licensing agreement with BRUSA.

"Under the terms of the agreement, BRUSA will license WiTricity’s patented intellectual property to commercialize efficient, high-performance wireless charging systems for carmakers that will enable next generation electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) to charge effortlessly by simply parking over a BRUSA wireless charging pad."

WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen said:

“During the past year, several leading European and Japanese carmakers have publicly announced plans to introduce wireless charging for next-generation electrified vehicles. BRUSA is well positioned to be a Tier 1 supplier to these carmakers, and we look forward to the introduction of vehicles equipped with BRUSA wireless charging systems.”

Technical Characteristics (pdf):

Charging power    3.7 kW

Input voltage range    85-264 V Input frequency    50/60 Hz Max input current    16 A Charging voltage    170-440 V Max. charging current    10 A Efficiency    >90% Ground clearance    100-160 mm* X-alignment range    +/-75 mm Y-alignment range    +/- 150 mm Car Pad Module Operation temperature range    -40 to +85°C Weight    <4 kg Ground Pad Module Operation temperature range    -40 to +50°C Weight    <20 kg

*Optional: 160-210 mm available with modifications

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