Elon Musk Has Been Rather Active On Twitter As Of Late

Elon Musk Has Been Rather Active On Twitter As Of Late

It all started with that "end range anxiety" Tweet, but now it seems to have spiraled out of control.

For some reason, Tesla CEO Elon Musk went on the defensive on Twitter by discussing Tesla stock prices and how some feel he Tweets simply to affect share price.  Musk says that's false and claims that neither he nor Tesla are actively selling shares.  Honestly, we're perplexed by this, as Musk need not defend these claims. "Some people" will think whatever it is they want to think.  Their opinion (not backed by fact, according to Musk) is their own.  By airing this on Twitter, Musk makes this supposedly false belief more widely known and gives coverage to these "some people" who, as he claims, are spreading lies.

Moving on...

Musk then took to Twitter to discuss battery swapping, saying that the one station is "active" and "working well," (this Tweet is aimed at recent reports with headlines like this "Tesla battery swap at Harris Ranch? Not quite") though he made it clear that Supercharging (not battery swapping) is the future.  We agree.

Lastly, Musk made it clear that battery swapping is not linked to that initial "end range anxiety" Tweet.  We'll find out exactly what that means this Thursday when Tesla hosts a press conference to discuss how Model S range anxiety will come to an end.

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