The Chevrolet Spark EV - the king of price per mile ranking

The Chevrolet Spark EV - the king of price per mile ranking

The price (dollar) per mile of range ranking recently showed up on Autoblog, but since Autoblog's presentation had some small bugs and lacked all models, we decided to provide more specific results with our own calculations.

Above you can see the graph with prices per mile of official EPA range for all-electric cars - both at MSRP and after destination charges and tax credits.

Cars are ordered by results for price per mile MSRP, although as you can see in some the ranking after destination and tax credit is different than the MSRP ranking.

The best example for this is Chevrolet Spark EV, which was almost the winner by MSRP, but after including Tax Credit it won with ease. Spark EV stands at just $307/$226 per mile of EPA range. Not strange that after recent price reductions this is a hot seller.

Of course, Tesla Model S is strong too thanks to its large battery packs and long range. Then we see Nissan LEAF, the best selling EV in the world.

On the left side you'll can find the BMW i3, but here the result is high compared to the others because this is premium vehicle. Toyota RAV4 isn't available any more.  With the Mercedes B-Class ED and its range mode, we know that it improves range by 17 miles (from 87 mi to 104 mi), but this feature is not tested by the EPA, so it's not calculated that way on our chart. If we included range mode, the result would be $399/$335.

The average for all BEVs stands at $390/$316.

Plug-in cars with engines on-board are on the other graph below, as we are limited in space and the scale is completely different.

It's also much harder to compare vehicles, as the battery is just small part of total price.

* AER stands for All-electric range

PHEV/EREV Price per mile of range - May 2015

PHEV/EREV Price per mile of range - May 2015

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