We first bumped into this story from Transport Evolved's piece: Reborn 1975 Enfield Electric Car — aka ‘Flux Capacitor’ — Is Faster Than a Tesla Roadster, and though it's a detailed story on the Enfield and this project, it left a lot of questions we wanted answered.  Like, who is this guy, and where can we see this thing run?

"This guy" is Jonny Smith:

I started as an automotive journalist in the '90s - around the time when emails were born. First cutting my teeth on a classic and custom Volkswagen magazine, I then progressed into mainstream car titles as the years progressed.

In 2006 I started presenting on the long-running TV show Fifth Gear and now, besides this, I've got my own BBC car-based series - Mud, Sweat & Gears - that will air in 2015.

By day I sample cutting edge technology by driving and reviewing new cars. By night (and weekend) the garage is filled with historical tin in varying states of repair.

Here's a great video posted on his sponsor's page, Adrian Flux Insurance (!!) featuring the "Jonny Cam", with a great introduction in Jonny's own words:

As far as seeing it run? Well, he's in the UK for now, so for us that's a flight that's not in the budget, but there's always this:

Jonny's website with lots more photos, some videos, and some great narrative is here: www.flux-capacitor.com.uk

The source site is something you really need to visit, for a really complete picture of the project.  Brew up a cup, have a seat and settle in for a good read: Reborn 1975 Enfield...

In the meantime, the boys over on the NEDRA Facebook page hasten to add that this isn't the only nano-electric-drag car.  Yeah, we just made that class up.  Here are a couple others:

Roderick Wilde's Electric Shopper with the same type of treatment. Wheelie bars and one front wheel.

Roderick Wilde's Electric Shopper with the same type of treatment. Wheelie bars and one front wheel.

Yeah, and they're not above the occasional meme, either.  Because: Clown Car

Good clowns gone bad

Good clowns gone bad

Thanks to Warren for the tip, and thumbs-up to Klaus for the clown!

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