Paul Clinton from Automotive Fleet takes the new Volkswagen e-Golf for a spin, providing both a video & article.

The short video above discusses most of the e-Golf's features: charging & range, price, etc.

As you will hear in the video, the e-Golf is not available in all 50 states.  Why? Wish we knew…It's time for Volkswagen to stop dragging its feet.

However, for those who live in one of the states where the e-Golf is available, than it definitely should make your list of contenders, as it stacks up well against other short-range BEVs.

AF stated that the e-Golf handles & performs precisely like the Golf's with gas & diesel engines. That would be because it is the same basic vehicle, but with a different propulsion setup. AF adds this:

"Volkswagen may dominate the diesel passenger car market, but the e-Golf, the automaker’s first fully electric vehicle, could help establish an equally strong and deserved foothold in the electric vehicle market."

Click here to check out the rest of AF's review of the e-Golf, specs & positive commentary included! Click here for even more specs.

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