Cedric The Entertainer discusses how he took Stevie Wonder for a ride in his Tesla Model S in the Conan video above.

Let's just say that the video made us (and the audience) bust out in laughter!

So, if you can spare 76 seconds, we think you should check out this clip, especially if you like Cedric and/or Teslas.

Video transcript below:

"Now, is it true, I heard this, don't know if it's a true story, that you took Stevie wonder for a ride in your Tesla

CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER: Yes. CONAN: Is that true CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER: So we were in front of C.A.A. one day -- CONAN: The big agent. CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER: The big agency. Huge, huge. And so Stevie, his handler comes up and says hey, Stevie loves this car. He wants to get in. CONAN: He's interested in a Tesla. Had he been in one before CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER: No, he had not seen it. He wanted this car. No pun intended. No pun intended. CONAN: No pun intended. He had not ridden in the car. CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER: He had not been in this car. He gets in. CONAN: You met him before CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER: Yeah, I met him. So he's in, doing -- touching it like oh, man this car is amazing. I was like it's really fast. He's like let's drive. So we went around the block. He's like oh, this is so cool. You should let me drive. Like Stevie, the car is electric, not magic, OK. Certain things -- CONAN: Right.

CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER: They haven't done that yet."

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