Tesla Model S Supercharger

Tesla Model S Supercharger

Robert Llewellyn and Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield earlier this year took an extended test drive of a Tesla Model S from Oslo, Norway to London, UK to evaluate the Supercharger network.

As it turns out, everything works just fine and Tesla covers electricity bills, which makes the journey damn cheap. The only 5 they spent on energy was on charging at a hotel.

Robert stated that over 500 kWh electricity was worth £90 ($138), about three times less than the cost of fuel for an equivalent ICE car. But when you pay almost nothing, it's infinitely economical.

"1,300 miles in an electric car in two and a bit days."

In February 2015 I drove a Tesla Model S P85 from Oslo, Norway, to London, England. This is what happened."

"With many thanks to Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield who filmed much of the trip."

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