Nissan has created multiple videos on testing the Nissan LEAF's slick nano paint finish, which makes  the LEAF truly "The World's Cleanest Car".

This trick paint finish is supposed to repel anything and everything.  See a demonstration & further info on the technology here.

So, let's now check out a couple of these videos to see what will stick to the LEAF's paint.

Green Slime… Uh oh:

Well, let's see if it gets better. How 'bout some eggs:

Not bad! But we like ice cream a lot more:

Well, let's face it, you probably should not be throwing ice cream at your nano-painted car anyways. Wouldn't you rather eat it? Like this piece of pizza:

Hmm, what is going on here? Maybe some better luck with some ginger ale?

We couldn't help but laugh when we saw silly string being tested:

Darn, all that wasted pancake batter:

Well, at least there will be some maple syrup to go with that:

Or maybe not. Since no one wants to eat pancakes without syrup.  Chicken noodle soup instead?

We're wondering why a few items are sticking, when they're not supposed to…

You can gel your hair, but not the nano-painted LEAF!

So, as you saw, some of these items do not stick, but a few did.  This probably means that the idea of "never having to wash your car again"isn't entirely true.  But less washing is for certain.

You can check out the rest of the "Will It Stick" videos here, but we wonder, Will it blend?

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